November Monthly Faves

November Monthly Faves


Somehow we are in the last month of the year...! November just flew by. With the whirlwind of Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are little late on this months monthly faves, but we wouldn't leave you hanging! Take a look below at what our team has been loving this month. 

Claudia: I am really loving this book I got recently called The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell. I’m only halfway done, but it’s a great plot so far. I’m not giving this away because you find out on the first page, but it’s a bit of a murder mystery mixed with lots of money and the Hamptons. It’s a fun, escapist read!

Christina: My very cool and hip dad was a victim to Instagram retargeting this month and we are now the owners of a Solo Stove. While I do not consider it to be “smokeless” I will say the portability and the amount of heat it kicks off is pretty awesome. We’ve lugged it out on the lawn while my mom and I made wreaths and then back up to the deck during cocktail hour with socially distanced friends. During this very strange time, the only way to see our pals is outside, so I think this will be my “winter” fave (paired with a STIK hat, neckie and mittens of course)!

Tory: Fun news -  I’m keeping the STIK pregnancy streak alive! Between Meg, Christina, and I, someone on the STIK team has been pregnant since August of 2019. We’re hoping to break the streak in May 2021 when Baby Bois #2 arrives, mostly so that we can all have a cocktail together. This is my second pregnancy, and I’ve had to move to the maternity pants a lot sooner this time. I recently invested in the HATCH Maternity Overalls, and I’m obsessed. I actually feel cute in them, which is not something I’ve ever felt before in pregnancy. They are a bit of an investment, but pregnancy is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ve gotta be comfortable for as long as you can.

Kismet: I’m usually more of a visual consumer, so podcasts are not my thing. I zone out if I have nothing to look at, so the Sweet Boys podcast is perfect for me! It’s filmed for YouTube AND it’s on Spotify/Apple Podcasts, so I can switch between watching & listening depending on what I’m doing. It’s very funny and lighthearted… a good break from the very serious & dense current events/murder mystery/political podcasts that are usually at the top of the podcast charts! 

Sarah: My favorite thing this month is the board/card game, Codenames. My friends and family will probably roll their eyes upon reading this because I request to play it pretty much every time I’m in a big enough group, even when I can tell everyone would much rather fall asleep to a movie. I’m not going to try to explain the rules fully here, but I love it because it requires some synergy and creativity among teams and never fails to bring out the competitive side of people. It’s been a hit with everyone I’ve introduced it to, even my grandma loves it!

Peter: For those of you who know me, it won’t come as a surprise that my favorite new thing this month is a new spirit.  It’s a gin from Sab’s Spirits.  They are a small batch spirits brand that has a mobile distillery.  Pretty darn cool.  I learned of them through David Leibovitz (great resource for anything food, French or cocktail related.)  They are known for their brandy like spirits and I bought a bottle of that as well, but I am especially taken with the gin.  It has a ver unique finish and works really well in a Negroni.  Plus the bottles are beautiful.  You can order them online and they ship from Portland, OR.  Give it a try!

Tessa: What is it about getting new workout gear that just makes you all of a sudden inspired to go on that run or stream a pilates class? I need any motivation I can get these days, and if that means treating myself to fresh leggings or sports bras, I am here for it! I have quite a few pairs of Alo's Airlift Leggings now (thank you Black Friday sales), and they might be my favorite style yet for working out. The Airlift Legging is high-waisted, falls just above your ankle, and has this silky feel and look to it that is super flattering. This fabric really sucks you in and makes you feel contained which is a VERY important characteristic in my book. Plus there are a ton of fun color options if you’re tired of your standard black pairs! 

The STIK Team



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