5 Shows to Binge Watch This Winter

The holiday season is upon us! This means the days are a little shorter, darker, and colder… the absolute perfect recipe for binge-watching tv shows. This also probably means you might be spending more time inside with your family, roommates, or significant other. I put together some of my personal faves from recent weeks (or years) that you can watch with just about anyone and you’re both pretty much guaranteed to love it. P.S. Please don’t judge me for the several murder mystery shows on here.

1. The Undoing on HBO just premiered the last couple of weeks and it’s an outstanding show. If you haven’t already gotten on the train, this is your sign telling you to do so. Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It’s only 6 episodes so you’ll blow through it quickly.

2. Murder on Middle Beach is another murder mystery on HBO. Except, this is a docu-series and very much real. Follow along with Madison Hamburg as he tries to uncover the murder of his mother that is still under investigation. It’s only 4 episodes, but it really has you wondering who did it?

3. The Night Manager is from a couple of years ago that you can watch on Amazon. It’s very beautifully filmed with location scenes from all over the world and very Bond-esque. I don’t want to give too much away, but’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!!

4. Insecure on HBO brings a little comedy-drama to this list and I highly recommend it!! Issa Rae is not only one of the creators but she also stars in it. It’s a wonderful drama about two women in their late 20s trying to navigate life in Los Angeles. The episodes are only 30 minutes so it’s very easy to binge watch!!

5. Dead to Me is another quirky comedy-drama. I especially liked the first season. It’s on Netflix and the episodes are quick but entertaining. It’s definitely a bit of a dark plot, but it has a lot of little cliff-hangers to keep you going. 

What are some of your favorite show you're watching right now?



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  • Erica Faulkner

    Loved the night manager! Wish it was longer. ♥️

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