Our Favorite Things - January Edition

Holy sh*t - excuse our french, but was January not the LONGEST month ever? I know there are always those memes that go around and say things like “Wow, January was 537035 days long this year,” but this year they felt more real than ever. How did we make it through such a long month? With our 7 favorite things, of course! Check ‘em out.

1. SO. much. water. My sister got me this Corkcicle Waterbottle for Christmas, and I have been toting it around with me ever since - it's not a convenient thing to bring with you everywhere since it's  20 ounces of water (ie. v heavy), but it's keeping me extra hydrated... which is a double-edged sword being pregnant: great for the baby, but lots of trips to the bathroom!! XO, Christina

2. As I am brand new to the workforce, my daily routine has completely changed. For one, waking up at 7:35 am every morning is SHOCKING. When I say my eyes were practically sealed shut in the morning, I am not joking. I'm not talking just puffy, they were swollen. So one walk home from work, I stopped in Sephora and picked up these KNC Beauty All Natural Retinol Infused Eye Masks that I have been keeping in the fridge. On especially bad mornings I plop them on, take a couple selfies, and I look a little less zombie-like. Also how cute are the shooting star shapes?? XO, Franny

3. After coming down with the flu this week, I had some quality time in bed and found myself reading my new book I got for Christmas (yes, that’s right - reading!) "Wild Game" is based on a true story on Cape Cod full of love affairs, hot days, and the Atlantic ocean. It not only helped me escape from the flu for just a second, it also reminded me that summer is just around the corner (right!?) Of course don't get me wrong here I love beanie season...just not flu season. I highly recommend reading it and also staying cozy in your STIK while doing so. XO, Claude

4. Spoiler alert: this is going to come across as vain so please hold your judgement. I'm only human! If you're anything like me, January is the worst month in terms of how I feel about my appearance. My skin is dry, I'm BEYOND pale (like almost green/translucent), and my hair is the opposite of voluminous. So my two monthly faves are products that help combat my January woes. I recently (AKA two days ago) purchased Pantene's Intense Rescue Shots after learning about them from Kelly in The City. While I've only used them once, my hair was noticeably softer and fuller immediately after use. Bonus: you don't need to let the product set - just apply, and then rinse out! Another January fave is my go-to self tanner wipes by L'Oreal which you can buy on Amazon or in most drug stores. If you're hesitant to try these out, let me give you some confidence - THEY WORK. I use one wipe on my whole body (minus my face - that's what bronzer is for), and unfold the wipe as I go. The product comes out clear, but sinks in over the day. I should mention, they leave you smelling like tanning lotion so give yourself a day to wash off the stench before a big event! XO, Meg

5. 2 words: Trader. Joes. I’m of the firm belief that you either ARE or ARE NOT a TJs person; and I feel this to be true because, until very recently, I was not a Trader Joes fan. I just didn’t understand it. But for a multitude of reasons, my husband and I decided to give good ole’ Traders a try, and, boy, are we obsessed. This month, trips to Trader Joes have become a FULL family activity. Andy is the cook in our family, and after an initial learning curve and a little research, he now won’t stop talking about all his “fav staples” which include Trader Joe’s Mexican Street Corn flavored Elote Corn Chip Dippers, Scandinavian Swimmers, and their frozen Chicken Tikka Masala. Kennedy also loves going to the “rocery storah”, and whenever Ken is happy, I’m happy, so it’s a win-win. Some of her favorite TJ items include their whole milk yogurt, hummus, and “Joe Joes” (aka even better version of Oreos.) Happy shopping friends! XO, Tory

6. In typical "New Year New Me" fashion, I've been trying to up my workout game. In the cold winter, it's tough to motivate myself to run or get up early in the morning to get to a class. My monthly fav this January is CorePower Yoga, specifically the Yoga Sculpt class. Once I finally got over the idea that CorePower was going to be "too hard" for me, I signed up for the free week and was immediately hooked. CorePower offers so many classes, especially at night, which is really nice for when I don't know when I'll leave work. Yoga Sculpt is a yoga class with weights and cardio. I love that Yoga Sculpt is fast paced, but incorporates strength training that I don't get from spinning, running or regular hot yoga.  XO, Sass

7. I think we can all agree that winter = dry skin. Every year, no matter what products I use, my skin just does not want to cooperate. However, I recently discovered Dermalogica's Repair Cream and it's been a total game changer. I'm not kidding when I say that this stuff gets rid of dry skin almost immediately. I've been using it religiously on my face for the past month and it's kept my skin feeling super hydrated and soft. I'm officially obsessed! XO, Tessa

Cheers to February being a little bit shorter and a little bit better on our skin.

The STIK Team

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