Our favs (and flops) from Rent the Runway this month

We all know how much fun it is to experiment with your style, but it can require a lot of risk taking. Sometimes it is totally worth it, but sometimes you are out $200 and you just look like a sad clown. That’s why the whole STIK team loves Rent the Runway - all the fun and no big investment on expensive pieces that will sit in your closet and never be worn. (Also, we should say that this is NOT sponsored in any way; nor is it a requirement to do RTR when you work here - we just all actually like RTR.) With that being said, here are our favs picks (and a few flops) from Rent the Runway this month!

Meg: My fave RTR pick from the past few months is this DVF dress I rented for an event. It's the perfect winter dress-up option - long enough to be conservative, hugs at all the right places, and has a nice pop of color which deviates from my traditional black-on-black winter uniform.

Claude: My most recent fav item from RTR was this skirt from All Things Mochi. It was great for a winter getaway with my friends in Florida. I don't own anything like it which is why renting is so fun and trying new things (especially for trips)! I loved its fullness and feminine touches. 

Franny: I ordered this cropped Bacon puffer coat for a STIK photoshoot, but haven’t been able to take it off since. Fair warning, it is definitely a statement piece, my friends even call it my pillow coat due to the extreme puffiness. The pattern is a blue and black houndstooth that somehow manages to not be obnoxious. I wore it in New York with white parachute pants and chunky combat boots and I felt very bad ass. 

Tessa: I'm a sucker for fun prints, so the Rails tiger stripe sweater seemed like an appropriate rental for me. This sweater does not disappoint - it's incredibly soft and cozy (like REALLY soft), and easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and booties. It didn't hurt that it arrived with the tags still on too. I'm going to have a hard time saying goodbye to this one! 

Christina: I've rented this Animal Print Midi Dress pre-pregnancy, but it also turns out to be a great maternity dress! If you're not 6 months pregnant, it's very flattering and is super comfortable. If you are 6 months pregnant, the elastic waist is just what the doctor ordered. I've been having a hard time finding pants that I like during this stage of pregnancy, so a dress like this for a special occasion is really nice. I paired it recently with grey tights and my brown Tory Burch boots - perfect outfit! 

Tory: Gonna make a bold statement - this Tory Sport Jacket MAY be the best item I’ve ever rented from RTR. I saw it on new arrivals, and it came with the tags on (which is always a good first step in the world of clothing rentals). I’ve now had it for almost two months and I can’t imagine parting ways with it. I’m not quite ready to buy it, but there’s a good chance it happens, because it’s the best. The length is perfect to wear with leggings OR jeans. It’s cozy and functional. I can dress it up AND down. It’s just the best. Great work, Tory Sport - this is a killer product.

Sarah: I ordered this Jill Stuart top in early November and kept it through the holidays because I loved it so much! I couldn't tell from the photos, but the gold polka dots are actually metallic, which made it a great top for the holiday season. The design is festive without being over-the-top sparkly holiday vibes. It was the perfect amount of cropped and tastefully low cut so I often wore it out, but I could also get away with wearing it to things like our STIK holiday dinner! I usually paired it with high waisted black jeans and booties. 

Claude : My least favorite thing, which I also ordered for my trip to Florida was this Misa dressI am pretty short myself, but this dress was basically a top. I wish it could have worked, but it was just a little too risqué.  

Tessa: I really wanted to like this turtleneck from Trina Turk. If sparkly stripes are your thing, then this is perfect. If you're like me and don't look too closely at product pictures before renting, consider this your warning that the fabric is very glittery! 

Tory: The beauty of renting your clothes is being able to be a little more adventurous with your choices. The result is that sometimes you strike out on what you choose, and that’s just what happened here - this dress from Just Female was a miss. Don’t get me wrong, it looks AMAZING on the model and the quality was good. But I my vision was just not a reality on this one. I don’t think I’m cool enough to wear something like this to be honest - I legit looked ridiculous. I was trying to find a dress to go to my brother’s engagement party in, and let’s just say, this did not make the cut.

At the end of the day, we talk about RTR picks for at least 30 minutes a day. It's fun to try stuff out, especially when it works, but even if it doesn't. Go have some fun and mess around with your style next month - what's the worst that can happen?!

The STIK Team

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