What YOU love about Sh*t That I Knit

Happy Valentine’s day to our lovely Sh*t That I Knit family! Obviously here at HQ there are so many things we love about our community, our mission, and our company (otherwise we wouldn’t work here.) We are all incredibly passionate about what we do, so we wanted to find a way to share all of the things we love about STIK. But who wants to read 7 paragraphs written by our team about why we think we’re so great? Literally no one, not even me - that’s just silly.

Instead, we reached out to all of you - our customers, followers, and community- to learn what YOU love about Sh*t That I Knit, and, boy, we were overwhelmed with all the love that poured in. Even we didn’t think we were THAT great. Everyone had something unique and beautiful to share - we’re so humbled and grateful to everyone who continues to support us and help make us who we are as a company. We think we have the BEST Valentine’s in the world.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite Valentine’s Day notes from you! Warning: it only gets cheesier from here.

We love that you shared the love with us this Valentine's Day. We hope you have the best day!


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