Pass The Pardy Wrap! 

Pass The Pardy Wrap! 

My grandma, mom, and I have been three peas in a pod ever since I can remember. We have traveled the world together, from Cuba to Barcelona to Paris, and grown closer than is probably normal for most families. 

Anyone can tell we share the same genes based on our personalities, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing my grandma’s actual jeans! With all the time we spend together, we always have the problem that we can never find clothes or accessories that we can share because of the differences in ages and style. We all have a never ending case of the travel bug and love to spend time together, but I never find myself looking in my grandma’s suitcase for something to wear. The one exception is the Pardy Wrap! This is something we all love to wear and it can be passed along through the three generations. We incorporate the wrap into our own unique fashion senses and explore the ways we like to wear them. I asked my grandma and mom to wear my Pardy Wrap for a day and see how they like it… and now I'm scared I won’t get it back!

AMY - My Grandma

Although my grandma, Amy, is little, she is most definitely mighty—and stylish! She spends her winter days volunteering in at the Center for the Arts in Naples and her summer days exploring new restaurants and going to local plays with her friends on Eastern Point. My adorable grandma wore the cream Pardy Wrap with her favorite hat and her staple of every outfit—patterned pants.

She wore this around Gloucester, MA on a sunny but breezy day on the water. Her favorite part of the day was eating her lobster roll in style! She loves to drape the wrap over her shoulder so it creates a put together and classy look. Could she look any cuter?

Why do you love the Pardy Wrap?

“I like it because it’s versatile. I especially like the softness. I can’t wait to take it on an international flight—it is very comfy.”

How do you like to wear the Pardy Wrap?

“I like to pair it with jeans, silky pants or a long skirt. The pom-poms on the ends are unique!”

Marina - My Mom

My mom, Marina, is the one who introduced me to Shit That I Knit and she loves the products more than anybody I know. My mom wears her Gunn Beanie all winter long, so she is thrilled to be supporting STIK through the warm weather.

She wore the Pardy Wrap on a sunny morning walk with our dog, Buster, around Eastern Point along the oceanside. She was rockin’ it scarf style with a black tank top, patterned shorts, sandals, and a pair of sunglasses. 

Why do you love the Pardy Wrap?

“The colors are fresh and exciting. Whether you want a pop of color or a neutral the Pardy Wrap is a wardrobe staple—classic yet fun, dressy or casual. I also like the versatility. You can wear it with everything from a pretty dress to jeans or shorts. In the summer as a wrap, and in winter as a scarf.”

How do you like to wear the Pardy Wrap?

“My favorite thing to wear it with is white jeans and a cute top. The Pardy Wrap adds to the outfit without covering it up like a jacket or sweater would. All the while keeping you cozy and warm. Perfect for summer night by the beach or an evening in the city.”

Molly - Me

Before working at STIK, I probably would not have grabbed a wrap made of alpaca over a jean jacket. Now that I’ve been introduced to the Pardy Wrap, my old jean jacket has been tucked away. Ever since I’ve added the cream Pardy Wrap to my wardrobe, I find myself reaching for it almost everyday. 

For this look, I paired my Pardy Wrap with a cream linen skirt, flowy white shirt, white velcro Vejas, and fun earrings to make the outfit pop. I love to wear it open over my shoulders like a cardigan. The wrap in Bahama Blue or Berry, Berry Pink would’ve looked amazing with this outfit. I spent the day working at the STIK popup and then met up to have dinner at Bartaco in the Seaport with a friend. The best part about the wrap for me is how it can go with any outfit at anytime of the day. I love that you can wear it with just jeans, tennis shoes, and a casual shirt or add it to a dress with wedges or a skirt and nice top. I always find myself wearing the wrap with a skirt, since that is the majority of my summer wardrobe. 

My favorite part about the Pardy Wrap is the meaning behind the wrap and STIK. I always feel proud to be wearing a company that supports women in Peru and sustainability. I am constantly inspired by the company to be a hardworking and better person, so wearing something that represents this means more than any other sweater or wrap I could imagine. 

The Pardy Wrap is a borderless and ageless staple for my grandma, mom, and me. Finally we have found something that caters to all of our needs, so next vacation the Pardy Wrap will be in everyone’s suitcase! 

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