The new STIK site is live!

The new STIK site is live!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! We finally gave our website the facelift it needed, and we're super excited that it's now live for the world to see. 

Don't get me wrong—the old website was awesome. It worked, it had great content, and, frankly, it has gotten us to where we are today. But as we started to really think about our website and where we want to take this business, we felt we could do better. We wanted to create a space where our customers could shop seamlessly, interact with our brand like never before, and connect with other customers who love saying sh*t daily. 

We talked and talked and talked about a new website. So finally, in January, we decided to get to it. If you've ever relaunched a website before, you know that it can take a long, long time to get it right—and there are a LOT of steps. We worked with an amazing designer who helped us refresh our brand and design our new look and feel. We worked with a super star (and also very patient) developer who built everything we designed. Our team wrote copy, sourced imagery, refreshed our merchandising, updated our inventory, troubleshooted and QA'd everything (over and over and over again). It's taken our team of three full-time employees, two freelancers, and two interns 209 days to finally get this thing live. It was the ultimate team effort, and we're very proud of what has come of it. 

The best part about this new site is that this is just the beginning. We now have the ability to make adjustments, improvements, and updates to our site in the future. The goal is to always keep improving your experience—and we already have some really awesome things in the works. 

For me, this whole process has been a labor of love. I’ve been following Christina and Sh*t That I Knit LONG before I joined the team (long before our sh*t was even being sold online). This brand and our customers deserve a kick-ass website and an even better shopping experience, and I hope we’ve delivered one that makes you proud to be part of the STIK community. We’re #neverdone but I think it’s time to get shopping!


PS. My girl, Margaret Atwood (author of The Handmaids Tale and an overall badass), once said “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” With any new website, issues can and will likely arise. If you have any trouble shopping our site, viewing the page you want to see, or searching for your fav product, please let us know by reaching out to We’re worked really hard to make this as perfect as possible, and we’re crossing our fingers that we’ve caught everything, but we appreciate your patience as we address any issues that arise.

PPS. If you had an account with Sh*t That I Knit before we launched the new site, PLEASE read the instructions on the Account Sign Up page. You will need to create an account (sign up) using the same email address you used before, and create a new password (we don’t save things like that because #internetsecurity). All of your order history, Close Knit Club Points and information will be waiting for you in your account. And by signing up again, you’ll receive an extra 100 friend points toward your CKC account because #weloveourfriends.

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