What's in Sarah's Ainslie Tote?

If you have one of our Ainslie Totes, you know that this bag fits so. much. sh*t. It's awesome. Why I need to carry so much sh*t in my bag, I will never know, but to prove exactly how much I can carry around town in this tote, I've decided to give you all a sneak peak. I will admit, the picture below was styled, BUT everything pictured really does live in my bag all the time.



  1. My glasses! Need these for seeing. You know, basic stuff
  2. My friends call me Sass; I’ll let you do the math on why. Having it on my phone case always reminds me of who I really am.
  3. As the Operation Manager for STIK, I am constantly placing orders and receiving packages, so having a discreet (not to mention cute!) box cutter at all times is a must for me.
  4. Although New England is not the warmest of places all the time, it always manages to shine. I make sure to carry a pair of sunnies with me for protection against the glare.
  5. Working at a small company like STIK means that it’s important to constantly be repping the brand that I love. Along with my hats, poncho, earrings, and tote, I always have a few STIK pens floating around in my bag. 
  6. The Ainslie Tote holds A LOT. This means that having smaller bags inside helps to stay on top of my sh*t. I have a Vera Bradley zip pouch that I’ve had for ages, but it’s perfect for holding my essentials. 

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