Shootin’ the Sh*t with Christina

Oh hello everyone! I recently talked on Instagram about how important it is to be vulnerable with this wonderful community. In remaining open, honest and transparent in the way we do business, I’ve received so much inspiration and encouragement that has enabled Sh*t That I Knit to grow and succeed. So I thought it’d be fun to check in more regularly here on the blog, and share what life has looked like lately as a small business owner, new mom, boss, wife, etc. etc.! 


In case you didn’t know, 2020 was a super weird year. We had a lot to overcome as a small team of nine in our Boston HQ. We all went remote and adapted to a new work life that now included phrases like “I’ll Slack you a Zoom invite.” We didn’t meet those huge lofty goals that we set in January 2020, and I have to admit it was hard for me as a founder to be okay with what felt like failure when we didn’t hit numbers. Looking back, we were still able to grow tremendously in 2020, get in front of new customers, and have a really strong year despite it all. I attribute our success to this amazing community who supported us from quarantine kits to holiday shopping, and kept in touch with us throughout this wild year. 


I’m having a hard time believing that my daughter, Campbell, turns one this month! How has it been a year?! While the past 12 months have been transformative for the majority of the world, for me becoming a mom changed everything. As a small business owner, I never dreamed I’d be able to take a “real” maternity leave. But a major perk of hiring people who are smarter and more talented than you is that you can take a leave and no one will mind! I spent six glorious weeks snuggling on the couch while my parents took turns walking from their house to our apartment in Beacon Hill with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Campbell was NOT that baby who instantly slept through the night (it took something closer to nine months to get there) - so to say that I was delirious would be an understatement. It’s a good thing I was fully off email and Instagram otherwise some weird sh*t would have been typed! 


As I started to ease back into work, I quickly learned what was not feasible for me: being a full-time founder and full-time mom without reliable childcare. Because we were still in the height of Covid, getting part-time help or considering daycare was pretty nerve racking. Alex and I spent a few months literally passing Campbell back and forth in the living room and accepting that she would be on 99% of my Zoom calls. I’ll admit it - there were a few breakdowns! Luckily my team was very understanding and patient with me as I navigated working and mom-ing. After spending a summer in the city in our one-bedroom, we decided to escape to my parent’s house in New Hampshire to get more space and someone to help with Campbell. We’ve been in NH since September 2020 and I have to admit, I’ve loved it. It’s incredibly peaceful, we wake up to beautiful sunrises over the mountains, Campbell and I take midday walks down a dirt road (and up a lot of hills), we ski on the weekends, and let’s be honest... most of our time is spent on our computers. We’re returning to Boston in May, and I’m equally as excited to get back to city living. 


Vaccines!!! And an eventual return to normalcy. One of the things COVID forced STIK to do last year was hire a fulfillment center. Yes - our team was packing every single order up until one year ago. With this decision, we moved to a smaller office that will feel more like an office and less like a warehouse. Starting in June we have dedicated days that our team will meet in the office every week, and as much as Zoom has been an incredibly efficient resource this past year, I’m really looking forward to seeing the faces of my team in real life. I can’t wait to brainstorm and collaborate in person together, and yes - also eat Sweetgreen salads while gossiping about weekend plans or what’s in their next Rent the Runway shipment. 


In a few weeks, we’re launching a top secret product that you’ve all been asking about for years. I’m not going to give anything else away, but start thinking if your summer wardrobe would look best with a navy, camel, or white addition ;) 

That’s all for now - as always, thanks for always STIKing with us. Lots of fun ahead for this team! 




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