Spirits we'll be drinking for NYE!

Overall, I’d say our team is not made up of people who LOVE going out for New Year’s Eve. We’re more than casual house party or romantic dinner types, rather than a blow out NYE party at a bar or club. But that said, we certainly love to enjoy a glass of bubbles or a boozy refreshment to ring in the new year. 

It’s fun to splurge on NYE and try a drink that’s outside of our normal tequila and soda with a lime, so we put together some of our fav spirits to help us ring in the new year.

Tasty bubbles for Claude

For a festive occasion like NYE, I would say my favorite brand of prosecco is La Marca for a nice $14. There isn't a majorly exciting story behind why this is my favorite other than when I need prosecco it seems to be in every liquor store - making it a go-to and incredibly convenient. It is always a crowd pleaser! 

Red, red wine for Tessa

I can't say I love champagne, but I am a BIG Pinot Noir gal. These days, a glass of light, red wine really hits the spot (important parameters for my perfect red: must be very dry and not fruity). If I'm being budget conscious, my go-to bottle is from Erath. It's under $20, so it's also an easy gift to bring to a party or friend's house. However, my absolute favorite is Flowers Pinot Noir. It's definitely a bit pricier, but worth the splurge because it's so darn good and drinkable. Shoutout to my future father-in-law for introducing it to me! This NYE, you will 100% find me with a glass (or several) of Flowers. 

The real sh*t for Clem

Coming from the Champagne region in France, I have to admit I'm a champagne lover, and I'm torn between a lot of choices... Arrrrg! But since I have to pick one, I'd say my favorite one is the Blanc de Blanc from Pierre Pinard. It's made in the cutest little town ever, and my best friend's family owns this business. They've been making champagne for generations and are masters in the art of making it. I've been around this champagne forever and have been drinking it for...too many years. One thing I'm sure about is that I definitely started drinking it way too young, but I mean...come on guys, it’s the French way of life! 

Festive cocktails for Meg

I love the idea of champagne but I've learned my lesson that more than one glass is usually a headache waiting to happen. After a good toast, the below festive cocktail has been my go-to this holiday season!  

Christmas Cape Codder:

  • Fill highball glass with ice
  • Eyeball pour of Titos or your vodka of choice (okay, I know an "eyeball pour" can get you in trouble but I try to keep it to one/one and a half shots)
  • Squeeze in a fresh lime. I like to mix in the lime juice with the vodka and ice instead of at the end. IDK why, but try it! 
  • Pour in club soda almost to the top of your glass
  • Add a splash of cranberry juice 
  • Garnish with fresh or frozen cranberries
  • Cheers!! 

Splurgy champagne for Tory

I love champagne all year round, but especially on NYE. Since I drink it a lot (and I normally stick to a nice $15 bottle), I like to splurge a LITTLE bit for New Years. This year, I’ll be reaching for a bottle from Roederer Estate, while ringing in the new year on my couch with my husband and daughter. It’s not glamorous, but it’s exactly how I want to kick of 2020.

Merry Mocktail for Christina

Since I’m growing a human this year, I won’t be partaking in the champagne cheers, but I will DEFINITELY be enjoying a nice mocktail wherever we are. I’ve started doing this new thing where I ask our server to surprise me with a fun mocktail whenever we go out to dinner, and so far, they have all been incredibly tasty. So I’ll be enjoying a sober New Year’s with a surprise mocktail, and I’ll be very happy to wake up without a hangover on New Year’s Day!

Beach-y Mojito for Sass

I’m headed south for New Year’s so you can bet I’ll be dabbling in some of the local, beachy cocktails this year. I’m heading to Florida for a week and am psyched to ring in 2020 with a delicious mojito in my hand (and yes - there will be an umbrella in it.) 

We hope you all have a happy, healthy, and SAFE New Years celebration. We can’t wait to see you in the new decade!

The STIK Team

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