STIK Team Obsession: Massive Water Bottles Edition

At STIK HQ, we take hydration very seriously. When we were in the office, at least one of us was getting up every 20 minutes to refill their bottle. If you thought we had “normal” sized bottles...guess again. All of ours are pretty darn big. It’s become a joke about how much water we drink a day, and sometimes even a slight competition. On Zoom call, you can catch us taking sips and catching glances at each other’s massive bottle one after the other. We each deeply love our bottles so much that we have a dedicated blog post about it. Honestly, a great water bottle makes a splendid gift for anyone BTW. Stay hydrated out there! 

Christina - For a long time, I was team S’well all the way. But I think there is some weird thing with losing S’wells… has anyone else lost every single one they own?? After losing my 6th or 7th, my sister got me the Corkcicle 40 oz Sport Cantene. It. Is. Huge. And it has a straw. This means that I can put it in on my desk and drink while I type without picking it up. Sure, it’s lazy and looks pretty unprofessional, but I am very hydrated!! And I haven’t lost it (yet)! 

Sarah- Since losing my 32 oz Hydro Flask with straw lid last Fall, I’ve been making do with a 24 oz Autoseal Contigo water bottle that I got as a giveaway at Cisco Brewers. It works and I like that there is a little cap on the mouthpiece to protect from COVID germs, but I have to refill it all the time and it does nothing to keep my water cold. I’ve really just been too lazy to replace my Hydroflask, which is the best water bottle I’ve ever owned, but writing this has given me the motivation to go buy one so I will be doing that immediately and joining the rest of the team.


Tessa - So...I guess everyone on the STIK team has the 32 oz Hydro Flask!? I have this one with the straw lid as well. The straw is by far the most important component of this water bottle - it makes it sooo easy to chug water and you don’t have to deal with the extra effort to unscrew the top. I love the 32 oz for the work day and going anywhere for an extended period of time, HOWEVER my one complaint with this size is that it doesn’t fit in the cup holder in our car. That’s where my 21 oz Hydro Flask comes in handy. I bring this one up in the front with me, and then have my bigger bottle stored away for later. Either size, Hydro Flask is the sh*t and you won’t regret getting one! 

Tory - I have a 32 OZ Hydroflask with straw lid, and weirdly enough, I was just thinking about how much I love this water bottle. I’ve had it for over 2 years now, and I’ve had no desire to get a newer model. This thing is literally the best. I drink way more water than I have in the past, plus I don’t feel like I have to fill it up 3294089 times a day. The straw lid is definitely key - who wants to spill 32 oz of water down their shirt? Not me - get the straw.

Meg - OK this might sound like hyperbole, but I literally don’t go anywhere without my 32oz Hydro Flask water bottle. Some might wonder why I’m constantly lugging this heavy piece of metal around with me on every walk, errand and car ride but she’s truly been my hydration lifeline for the past eight months - AKA my entire pregnancy, basically the entire quarantine, and pretty much all of 2020. The mouth of the water bottle is big enough to fill with ice, which means my water is always cold and refreshing, and the amount of plastic water bottles I’ve saved this summer is probably in the hundreds (win-win, cause we all know plastic water bottles NEVER stay cold.) PRO TIPS: definitely get the straw lid, and yes - just put it in the dishwasher. It’ll be fine.

Claudia - Just to repeat Meg, Tessa and Tory... I too have a 32oz Hydro Flask, but in the color fog. I honestly was so inspired by their love of their Hydro Flasks that I immediately had to get on the train, too. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint. However, I do need to accessorize and get the straw top that they all have because I feel like that will make it a much more enjoyable experience. It’s perfect for WFH, because you don’t have to keep getting up to refill it because it holds SO much water at once. I hope I never misplace it because I will be deeply upset about it. 

The STIK Team


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