A Guide to the Best Summer PJ Sets

A Guide to the Best Summer PJ Sets

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My favorite thing about summer is the weather (obviously). With the hot summer nights comes a change-up in one of the most crucial seasonal outfits -- pajamas! I personally, love a good pajama set. For me, a key aspect of falling asleep is about being cool enough. I don’t do well trying to sleep while overheated. So I have narrowed it down to some very comfy, lightweight, summer loungewear sets for us all.

Printfresh makes adorably PJ sets, like this Bagheera Short Sleep Set in Indigo. The set includes the top, shorts, and a cute little bag to keep your clothes in! It’s made with breathable cotton that only gets softer after each wash. Also, the fabric is hand-screen painted by artisans in India.


Dayo makes "stylish loungewear." In other words - their products are perfect to be comfortable out in public but also comfortable enough to binge-watch Selling Sunset on the couch. I love that they are calling the Sassy High Waist Mini Skirt, “loungewear” because skirts are very overlooked for their comfort capabilities. 

Sleeper is my aspirational pajama set. I have almost justified purchasing this set because you can wear it as a regular outfit, too. I would love to own this Lemon Linen Lounge Set one day. It’s ridiculously cute and made with linen, so it’s perfect for hot nights. 

Okay - this is 100% something you wear not only to sleep in but even out to dinner. The Hill House Home Athena Nap Dress is adorable, comfortable, and comes in many cute patterns. The nap dress also comes in different styles and lengths. 

Roberta Roller Rabbit makes adorable prints. I especially love their PJ patterns like this Hearts PJ Polo Set. It’s made with breathable cotton so it’ll keep you cool all summer long. We also love them because they are made in Peru -- a place near and dear to STIK! 


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