Why Your Pardy Wrap is Perfect for the Fall

Why Your Pardy Wrap is Perfect for the Fall

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It was a really hot summer in the Northeast. As in, 90+ degrees in the beginning of June, that didn’t let up until… Labor Day. With the sweltering heat these past few months, unfortunately, my Pardy Wrap didn’t get to attend many parties this summer (well, neither did I, but I digress…). While the STIK team is officially hyped for beanie season, the forecast is showing some pretty perfect summer-to-fall weather - cooler mornings, leading to warmer days, and then breezy nights. AKA - the most opportune time to give your Pardy Wrap the attention it deserves! Need some inspo? We’ve styled our fave transitional piece four ways below. 

At the beach: Who doesn’t love a beach day in September? The crowds have dispersed, the sun’s still shining, and dogs are usually allowed to join the fun after Labor Day. It might not be bathing suit weather, but leave your sweater at home and bring your Pardy Wrap to layer on when the sun sets or the beach breeze kicks in!  

To the intimate wedding ceremony: COVID cannot ruin everything this year! I am in awe of the many beautiful, unique, and intimate outdoor wedding ceremonies I’m seeing all over Instagram. Whether you’re in the wedding or attending as a lucky guest, Pardy Wraps are the perfect accessory for cooler evenings (without taking away from your cute dress). 

To your “office”: Most of us are still working from home. While that means we’re more in control of our air conditioning (#corporateofficeprobs), it’s always handy to have another layer easily accessible. I keep my Pardy Wrap hung on my office chair so I can throw it on over my white tee to look a bit more polished during Zoom calls! 

For your family BBQ: Backyards have seen a lot of action this summer! Between limited seating at restaurants and fewer chances to travel, so many people are embracing al fresco dining and hanging with their loved ones outdoors. Firepit + cold IPA + cheese board + Pardy Wrap = perfect evening. 

So before we go ALL IN on beanie season, where are you planning to show off your Pardy Wrap over the next few warm weeks? Let us know below!!


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