The STIK Team Tries On The Bliss Headband

The STIK Team Tries On The Bliss Headband


The STIK Team took The Bliss Headband for some test drives this week! We all have different sized heads and different activities going on, so take a look to see how we styled them and how they all fit us. All of the headbands will be snug right out of the bag, but don’t worry - they have a little stretch and they will adjust to fit your head after the first time you try it on. Watch the video below and see our notes and get ready to pick your color on launch day (Sept 15th!)!

Christina went for a hike on a chilly day in NH and claims to have a “larger” head than most, but fear not! The Bliss Headband still fits her nice and snug and also kept her warm on her hike. She wears the Lavender, for just a little pop of color in the woods!

Claudia has a self-proclaimed small head and it also fits her very well.  The Bliss Headband is lightweight and can fit in a pocket, so it’s the perfect accessory for a morning hike if you don’t know how chilly it’s going to be. She is wearing the Blacklist - a classic staple!

Kismet loves The Bliss Headband because it’s great to throw on for errands around town when it’s a little chilly out. She’s wearing the Heather and loves it because it’s so easy to style and goes with anything.

Tory loves her Navy Bliss Headband for her family BBQ because the nights are definitely getting chillier in New England. She also loves it because she also has a “larger” head and it doesn’t feel too tight on her. Bonus tip -- it’s great for when you don’t want to style your hair or wash it. Just toss it on and you’re good to go!

Tessa loves to wear her Forest Green Bliss Headband for a little date night! As the nights get colder and we continue to eat outside, the headband is the perfect accessory to keep you warm, comfortable, and cute!

Meg loves her Bliss Headband for evening walks. She has the On Wednesdays We Wear Pink color, which is very vibrant and fun! She has a self-proclaimed small head and finds it to fit great -- it doesn’t slip or anything. 

Sarah wears her Bliss Headbands for morning jogs. It’s great for runs because it doesn’t itch even if you get a little sweaty, it’s still nice and soft! Plus the headband stays in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling down. Sarah wears the Blush color. 

We can’t wait to see you style your own Bliss Headband! Let us know in the comments what color you are coveting.  

The STIK Team



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It would be helpful to see headband on someone with short curly hair

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