All About Black Friday 2020

The answer is YES! We are having our huge Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale - after the year that we've all had, we deserve nothing more than a sale. So, we'll cut to the chase - here's everything you need to know...

STIK's Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

Who: Everyone! Do you have a cell phone? A laptop? Okay fine, a Desktop? Great - then you can shop our sale!

What: This year, we're offering 20% off EVERYTHING

Where: On our website - the good news it that you are currently viewing this on our website, so yay! You made it :)

Why: Because 2020 has been a grind, and we want to give you a 20 you can celebrate

When: This is big - our sale starts at 12am EST on Friday November 27th (aka Black Friday). The will end at 11:59pm EST on Monday November 30th!!!! This is a full weekend sale, people.


OK - we're shared everything we know. Now it's time for you to mark your calendars and get ready to shop and celebrate the holiday season.


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