The Best Elevated Crafts to Gift this Holiday Season

2020 has been, among other things, The Year of DIY Projects. While in years past, getting a craft from your distant aunt might have felt like she forgot that you’re not 12 anymore, this year, I think crafty gifts will be much more welcomed and appreciated. As we head into winter and continue to spend more time in our homes, a new way to unwind and destress from the comfort of our couch is always welcomed. Giving the gift of a craft is giving your loved one an opportunity to unplug from their phones and laptops, learn a new skill, and perhaps pick up a new hobby (or a lifelong obsession)! Plus, the crafter gets to create something to enjoy themselves or gift to someone else. 

Two pro tips before we jump into recommendations. First, always give crafty gifts that are satisfying to complete and not too overwhelming or complicated. We don’t want your gift to end up in the back of the storage closet because it’s too daunting. Second, give crafty gifts that feel adult. There is a line between an arts and crafts project for a child and an elevated, thoughtful DIY project for an adult. Now, here are 5 low stress, high quality, and enjoyable crafts to gift this holiday season.

  1. Needlepoint Kit: Much like knitting, I hear needlepoint is a meditative craft that’s easy to learn and can be taken on the go. I, personally, love this “It’s a Vibe” pattern. Or, if you love swearing as much as we do, there is also this “Sh*t could be worse” pattern, which I think would be a fun way to learn to make letters. I love that both of these seem simple and satisfying to complete and allow plenty of room to add your own flare. 
  2. Paint by Numbers Kit: A nostalgic, but elevated twist on childhood color by numbers books, painting by numbers is easy to follow and complete. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you are painting the exact right color in the exact right spot. It’s also a craft that can be completed all in one sitting or easily put down to be picked up and completed later. This pink flower pattern caught my attention as a bright and happy project. 
  3. Beginner Knitting Kit: We’re kind of big fans of knitting over here at Sh*t That I Knit. We love that knitting is meditative because of the repetitive motions, the counting, the concentrated silence and that it  has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a great hobby for keeping your hands busy while watching Netflix, riding in the car, or even on boring Zoom calls. The Sh*t That I Knit Cowl Knit Kit is a simple, beginner project with room for easily hidden mistakes and artistic license to switch up the stitches. 
  4. Candle Making Kit: Candle making is not like the repetitive, satisfying crafts above, but it is a fun, new activity to be completed alone or with friends on cozy winter night. While candle making might seem daunting, there actually aren’t that many steps involved. All you need is a saucepan and thermometer. This candle making kit comes in a cute box with everything you need and results in 3 lovely lavender scented candles. 
  5. Bracelet Kit: Harking on friendship bracelets, making pastimes, beading your own bracelets doesn’t just have to be with plastic, neon beads. This Karatasi DIY Bracelet Kit in Rainbow from Akola comes with beautiful hand-rolled Ugandan Karatasi beads and raffia tassels. It makes 5-7 bracelets so there are plenty to keep for yourself and to gift to others. Plus, this company employs over 200 Akola women in extreme poverty in Uganda. 

What other craft gifts are you giving or have your eyes on this holiday season? Comment below!



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