Intern Insight: My STIK Interview Redo...

My interview with the STIK team went pretty swimmingly… I mean I did get the internship! Aside from the mute Skype call that turned into an iPhone FaceTime, everything went off without a glitch. I answered all of their questions and walked away feeling like I crushed it… except for one question 

The last question Christina asked me was,

If you had to give a 1 hour presentation on one topic without any preparation, what would you talk about?

Now, I am usually pretty quick on my feet and can come up with a relatively good answer to a question like this, but, for some reason, my mind went blank. I completely forgot what I loved and what my passions were. After a few paused moments and my face instantly dropping out of fear, I managed to say, “I would talk about my friends and family! I just love them so much…....”  Yes, I love, love, love my friends and family more than anything, but COME ON… That is such a lame answer to that question. Ever since that question was asked to me a month ago, I have not stopped thinking about A) how horrid my answer was and B) what my real answer would be. So Christina, Tory, and Sarah, if you’re reading this, here is my re-do at that portion of the interview:

Christina: “If you had to give a 1 hour presentation on one topic without any preparation, could talk about anything for a day, what would you talk about?”

Me: “Most definitely, without a doubt, the absolute magic that is Dry Bar’s dry shampoo.”

Christina: *Pauses and is unsure what to say, but is also intrigued* 

Me: “Now, I thought you might have some questions for let’s dive in, shall we?”

You may be thinking, “Why specifically does it have to be Dry Bar’s dry shampoo? What about other brands?”

As a girl with thin blonde hair, I know a thing or two about how quickly oil/grease can build up on your scalp. I have tried every clarifying shampoo and every shampoo marketed for oily scalps. Nothing has quite allowed me to go more than one day without washing my hair. We all know that washing your hair every day is a big no-no. So what’s a girl to do? Dry Shampoo… 

BUT! Here’s the problem: dry shampoos don’t always work either. I have tried nearly every dry shampoo. Some are sticky and feel like hairspray, some smell weird, some do not even absorb a speckle of oil, and some noticeably leave white powder in your hair. Not good, my friends.

The only product that has ever worked for me is Dry Bar. It is the Mecca, the Holy Grail, the knight in shining armor that will save you when you wake up 20 minutes late and have no time to shower. It leaves your hair feeling as if there is nothing in there… no grease and no product. Truly a magician’s work. 

You may also be thinking, “So before we hire you, does this mean you do not wash your hair often… I mean you have said that you use it all the time.”

My answer to this depends on the week. If you ask me when I am crazy busy and barely have time to eat a meal, then yes I do not wash my hair often. BUT I do shower, let’s not get that confused, people. Sometimes shampooing, conditioning, AND blow drying just takes way too long. If I have time (which most of the time I do), I wash my hair, I swear. I keep it clean, it’s just all about balance. 

I could talk about hair care for days but I won’t bore you with things like how you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, and how you should do a deep cleanse once a week to get rid of product in your hair while also changing up the type of shampoo you use since your hair gets used to the same one. I promise you this stuff is magic and has saved me so many mornings and evenings when I need a little refresher. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but clearly they have never used this dry shampoo because I do not know who I would be without it. 

Boom. I think I nailed it this time.




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