Seven Days with The Jane Earring

Seven Days with The Jane Earring

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The Jane Earring is easily one of my favorite products from STIK. Basically every single customer that wanders into the STIK pop-up in Seaport comments on how beautiful and unique the Jane earrings are. 

I am definitely someone that likes to experiment with fashion trends and unique items which is part of the reason I was quickly drawn to the Jane earring. The earrings are hand-crocheted in Peru using natural raffia and are even hand beaded!! It is nearly impossible for someone to look at The Jane without an “ooh” or an “ahh” over how genuinely stunning and distinct they are. I decided I would take home a pair and see how I could style the earrings every single day for one week. Since I have never owned a pair of earrings that were so special, I wanted to challenge myself to wear them with different outfits, colors and textures. 

Day One:

For the first day of my week long Jane earring, I wore an Anthropology white shirt with fun, flowy sleeves tucked into a striped pair of pants from Forever 21. I wore my handy dandy velcro Veja sneakers that go with everything! This is not an outfit that I would typically think of off to pair with these earrings, but they ended up totally completing my outfit and gave me the extra boost that I needed!

The agenda for today was working in the STIK pop-up store. I love this whole outfit because it is fashionable but not too loud and is extremely comfortable for a day of work. 

Day Two: 

Today in Boston was a whole lot warmer and sunnier than the day before. I wore the Jane earrings with a flowy heart patterned skirt, black tube top and textured jean jacket. I loved all these colors and textures together. Overall, the outfit was not too bright or colorful, so I felt that the earrings added something that was not there before. Without the earrings it was all black and white, and the blue earrings gave it some spunk! 

Today's agenda is the same as yesterday - work! I love this outfit for work because it is comfortable, but can work for an evening outfit in the Seaport without a problem. The earrings keep the outfit girly while adding a unique flare. 

Day Three: 

Today was a super simple outfit, but ended up being my favorite of the week. This summertime dress from Free People paired with the Jane earrings gave me a carefree and bohemian vibe. I love dresses like these because it gives the illusion that I really tried because I am in a pretty dress.

In reality, these dresses are like cheat sheets of life. It has a ton of colors, so the white and blue earrings went perfectly. Today’s agenda was just hanging out with friends and enjoying the sunshine! 

Day Four: 

Today’s outfit was for an evening barbeque with some family and friends. On summer nights like this, The Jane earrings are perfect to put on to bring an outfit to the next level without being over dramatic or impractical.

I wore a striped tank top, jean joggers and tan sandals with the earrings. These pants are the best thing since sliced bread - they are SO cute, but more importantly, are super comfortable. The earrings helped to keep the outfit girly and enhanced the summertime vibe. 

 Day Five:

One of my favorite items right now are jumpsuits because of how easy and comfortable they are. I am in love with this jumpsuit from Free People that sinches at the waist and has a mix of white and cream in the fabric.

Naturally, the earrings were a star. They can be styled into almost any wardrobe, but for me, what I adore about them is that they can be both sophisticated and very bohemian. Today I just wore this outfit out to lunch because it is cute, casual and most importantly comfortable. 

Day Six: 

This is more of a formal outfit for me. I love eyelet for the summer, especially with these fun sleeves and buttons up the front. I paired it with a floral tie skirt from my favorite Spanish boutique, black espadrille sandals. This is pretty much my ideal summer outfit because it is lightweight and carefree while still making me feel pulled together.

The Jane earrings look especially girly and charming with this floral outfit. I wore this outfit to dinner with friends on Newbury Street and I love that the earrings can go with more formal outfits like this and more casual outfits that I wore earlier in the week. 

 Day Seven: 

My last outfit is more preppy than I usually am but still super cute. I wore the earrings with wedges and a  fun blue and white striped dress with crocheted detail on the neckline. This dress is the perfect pair for the Jane earrings because of the texture and color. This was the most formal day I wore with the earrings, and everyone I was with complimented how beautiful they are!

This outfit feels like it needs to be oceanside, so I wore it out to dinner with my family on Eastern Point. 

As you can tell, The Jane Earrings go with practically everything! Thanks to their versatility, I was never felt like I had to plan an outfit around my accessories, and at the same time they never felt like a last minute add on. The Jane Earrings can be dressed up, or down, and give most outfits the extra sparkle that they may lack. I know I will definitely be wearing them all summer long. 



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I’ve tried several times to find the Jane Orange earrings on your website (for price, ordering, etc.) but I always get the “oops” page…should I just call you to order? Thanks for your help. Josie

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