Simple, Festive Treats to Try over this (Socially Distanced) 4th of July Weekend

Simple, Festive Treats to Try over this (Socially Distanced) 4th of July Weekend

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It’s here! My favorite holiday of the year. The patriotic, summer weekend which is the 4th of July is a much anticipated holiday at my family’s house. My brother and I usually pile as many friends as we can into our house and host a giant party all weekend. There is always lots of sharing of space, bathrooms, drinks, food, towels, etc. For the sake of not becoming a super-spreader household (and keeping everyone healthy and safe, of course!), we completely canceled those plans this year (sorry, friends!). In place of our usual prep for the big crowd, I’m excited to explore my domestic side this weekend.

It may just be that COVID-19 has turned me into a total germaphobe, but as I start to attend smaller gatherings with food and drinks, I’m a little nervous about digging my hands into a communal bowl of chips, a charcuterie board, etc. All of the options below are social distance friendly so that everyone can nosh on their own snack, dessert, and beverage. I am NO chef, so I had to call on some food bloggers and chefs for some of these very simple recipes! 

First thing's first: snacks! What's a party without some apps?

1. Fruit kabobsThere are lots of different combinations of fruit you can use for a patriotic, healthy snack. There are the classic strawberry and banana slices with blueberries arranged in order. You could also mix it up with marshmallows or angel food cake for a little sweetness in place of the banana. If you’re feeling really creative, you could cut up some watermelon in the shape of stars. 

2. Caprese skewersThese are my go-to apps to bring to any potluck, but they’re also kind of festive! Throw some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and fresh basil on a toothpick and drizzle with a balsamic glaze. Chefs kiss!

3. Chicken kabobsI looove a good grilled chicken kabob! The blue potatoes really take this patriotic kabob to the next level. The recipe linked uses cherry tomatoes, but you could also substitute for red peppers, another festive red veggie option. 

Here are some fun themed desserts below! There is, of course, always the classic cake or brownies with the fruit on top arranged like a US flag, but the ones below are all new ones I hadn't heard of. 

1. Raspberry Limeade Popsicles: These fruity pops by Grandbaby Cakes look so easy to make and delicious to eat. I love that the recipe uses actual fresh raspberries in the pops.  Really excited to try making these this weekend!

2. Red, White, and Blue Mini Cheesecakes: I’ve always been afraid to try to make cheesecake, but Life, Love, and Sugar’s mini cheesecakes actually seem doable and the finished product looks so cute! 

3. Fireworks Pudding Cookies: I don’t think I’ve ever had pudding cookies before, but sign me up for these ones!!! I love that there are M&M’s AND sprinkles involved with these cookies and it makes them look extra patriotic.

Last, but certainly not least, 4th of July themed beverages are key! These ones are sure to be crowd-pleasers. 

1. Watermelon Punch Bowl: So a punch bowl would definitely go against one of the main goals of this blog post, but Serena Wolf’s watermelon concoction sounds delicious whether it’s in a bowl or glass. Side note: Serena Wolf is one of STIK’s all-time favorite food bloggers/chefs to follow on Instagram. 

2. Red, white, and blue Jell-o shots (or cups): Wasn’t sure whether to file this under dessert or beverages, but what’s a party without festive Jell-o shots?! This is one of the more simple recipes I found for Jell-o shots, which are made for adults. I think you could just skip the vodka to make a non-alcoholic version! 


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