What's in Christina's Ainslie Tote?

Another day, another tote bag to unpack. I did a version of this on the Sh*t That I Knit instagram, and got a lot of positive feedback from all of you, so I thought I would put it on paper like Sarah and Tory did. Can you fit a lot in your tote? Because we all certainly can...check it out!

  1. I heard that all successful CEOs have a pair of All Birds sneakers. Don’t ask where but if everyone in Silicon Valley has them I’m sure that makes them the sh*t, right? 
  2. I live by a few simple rules. One of them being “ABRS” (aka Always Be Repping STIK). This summer, I’m repping STIK everywhere with our new baseball cap for feeling cute while staying shady, and a wrap for when it gets chilly.
  3. Gwyenth says we HAVE to stay hydrated, and we all swear by what GP says. So basically my Swell bottle is my best friend.It keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot, plus it’s not too heavy and it never drips. If you ask me, I’d say that sounds like a pretty perfect water bottle!
  4. Instagram has been really important in growing our company, so having my phone at all times is a must. Plus, because my sister and I are always calling each other, I can multitask thanks to my handy dandy AirPods
  5. I always have a legal pad and I use a Pentel RSVP pen to write down ideas and lists while I’m away from the office. If you ask any of the STIK team members, they know how much I love a good legal pad (I have stacks on stacks). Our office is located near Boston’s best car wash, the Allston Car Wash, it’s like a spa for your cah. During the summer months I love supporting my home team in Fenway. Somehow I manage to always have an old ticket floating around in my bag.  
  6. I had so much fun at the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program, and I got to cop some awesome sunnies! Not to mention the case goes perfectly with my bag!

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